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Vintage Spring Fling Video

So if you’ve followed my little blog, you know by now I have this little obsession for posting my own video’s of weddings Middle Aisle has done. And I think this video one has to be one of my favorites. Kortney had such adorable things going on at her weddings, it was so much to look back at.

Hope you like it!

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Nick and Kortney walk the aisle!

I am so excited to finally get to share this wedding with everyone. Kortney has to be one of the most creative brides out there! I am so grateful to get to know her and work with her all the time now. (Kortney owns the graphic design company Kortney Eggertz Design and does ADORABLE invites, wedding signage and graphics. She is also the creator of our NEW LOGO!! {heart} her to death!)

I loved every detail of her wedding! Lots of the theme and overall look came from Anthropologies new wedding website, which is totally her! I think I loved this wedding so much because Kortney has such great style, knew what she liked and went with it!

We used over 40 vintage umbrellas over the reception area. Each one was totally different and unique. This detail made the biggest wow factor. I loved it!

The flowers were done by Bloomers. They were all a difference eclectic mix of great finds the bride found.  Doing a vintage eclectic mix flowers doesn’t happen by chance, OH NO! But I’ll show you how to do it on another post at another time. 🙂

Love this bouquet! I loved the tweed accent on the bridal wrap and the tweed leaf on the boutonniere.

I love using indoor furniture for weddings. And this wedding had some great velvet sofas, wingbacks, desks, doors you name it. This green sofa was my favorite.

One of my favorite sections of the whole wedding. The cake table display. I love the yellow desk with the blue door. It is fun to use something other then the traditional cake table to display your cake.

The cake was done by the brides friend Kelly Larson.


This is the lemonade stand. The cutest part about this is that this stand is actually a door on 2 saw horses that the bride father made for her. Makes it such a sweet additional to have your dad have a hand in your wedding decor.

I loved the fabric used throughout the wedding. We went to the fabric store and came home with pounds of amazing fabric. It took hours of sewing in my living room but all the fabric pulled little pieces in together. They were the custom made curtains and through pillows on the sofas.

All the food was done by Simply Delicious in St. George.

The sign in area was fun with a sofa for the gifts, a old screen door to display pictures and an old white table for the actual sign in. Guest left cards in a suitcase and signed into an adorable little velvet book.

Darling graphics by Kortney Eggertz Design .

All the pictures are from the ultra fabulous Mikki Platt Photography.

I love her dress from BHBN. It fit the look of the wedding perfectly.

Thanks for letting me be apart of your wedding and the great friendship we’ve made! You guys are amazing!!

-xo jewls

Event Planning and Decorating: Middle Aisle
Photography: Mikki Platt Photography
Invitations and Graphics: Kortney Eggertz Design
Flowers: Bloomers
Caterer: Simply Delicious
Cake: Kelly Larson
DJ: Frank at Elite with Festival Sounds

Wedding Umbrella Inspiration | Wedding Blog - […] Middle Aisle […]

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Showcase 2012

We had such an amazing time visiting with all the brides. And I say that truly and honestly! I don’t think I have ever met so many fun and amazing brides at a show that I sincerely thought in my head, “I WANT TO WORK WITH THEM! THEY ARE AWESOME!”

In case anyone missed out on the fun, here are some pictures of our simple shabby chic booth.

My AMAZING assistant at the showcase Andee talking to some brides.

Thanks everyone for such an amazing show!

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Southern Utah Wedding Showcase

We can’t wait for the Wedding Showcase coming up! These are the TOP wedding professionals in the business all in one place. It’s always so fun to go to.

Brides, did you know:

– The first 50 brides through the door receive a FREE 2 night stay!
– Don’t miss the Cake Dive, taking place at 5:30pm where 5 lucky brides-to-be get a chance to compete for a mens weddings band! You don’t want to miss it.


This is my set up from the first booth I EVER did!
Has a special little place in my heart.
(Photo by

Ways to get the most of your showcase experience:

  • You might have to wait in line for just a few minutes to register. Be patient! It is well worth it. To avoid the lines, pre-register online at
  • Make sure your get your card signed by ALL the vendors at attendance. By doing so will get you entered into the cake dive to win a grooms wedding band!
  • It can be really convenient to bring some pre-printed self adhesive address labels or cards with your contact information. This can save a lot of time when you want to sign up for contests or to get more information from a vendor you fall in love with.
  • Bring a pen and print very clearly when registering for contests or to receive additional information.
  • You may want to have your checkbook handy in case you decide to book a vendor or services, or to hold dates with a deposit.
  • Be sure to collect any information that interests you so that you can take it home to look over again when you have the time.
  • If you aren’t available on the day of the show, then send someone close to you. Perhaps your mother,sister or a friend to register you for prizes and to collect information about the services you might be interested in.
  • Wearing your pink wrist band, given to all bride-to-be, will get you special attention at the show.
  • Perhaps your fiance will be willing to attend with you, but only IF he is interested. As many as 30% do attend,so he won’t be the only one there!
  • Make sure that you arrive at least one hour prior to the time of any fashion show that you want to see. Seating is first come-first serve.
    (Adapted from Olga Goddards post on

And most important of all,

MAKE SURE TO COME SAY HI TO US!!! 🙂 Are are in booth #19! We cant’ wait to meet you.


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Floral Affair Video

Here is another silly little wedding video I put together. They are in NO WAY professional, but sometimes it’s nice to see things live through video and not just through pictures.

This was a couple from back east. The bride grew up here so they needed someone to be there eyes and ears in St. George. This bride was an absolutle doll. I wish they lived closer. I LOVED talking to her on the phone.  The bride used to work at Bloomers, so flowers were her top priority.

PS-Look close. The groom totally does a standing back tuck!



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