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What I’m Working On : Wedding Signage

In college I got my degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in public relations. My husband teases me daily about this because:

  1. What do you do with a communication degree? (Wedding planning! Right?)
  2. It took me 5 years of college to complete. (I like to be through!)
  3. I can’t write and spell for the life of me. (Please excuse any grammar issues on my blog)

But one amazing things did come out of my 5 year degree is that they made me take basic photoshop, illustrator and basic html and coding classes. Just enough to make it so I can design things myself and write basic html to do my own websites and inputting.

So every once in a while I get the chance to do signage for weddings. Not often. I like to leave it to the professionals I love to use, but sometimes we just don’t have it in the budget and I LOVE using signage at weddings. So I step in with some basic graphics.

It’s in the details of your wedding that your personality can show.

So I thought it would share 1 of the simple little signs I made for an upcoming wedding. The groom loves music and bride loves chevron and their colors are coral and navy.

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Southern Utah Wedding Showcase

We had such a great time at the showcase two weeks ago meeting all the upcoming brides in Southern Utah. We hope the showcase sparked some excitement in your wedding planning and you found some great people to work with. Every wedding vendor at the showcase is truly amazing, so I hope you saw lots of amazing inspiration and your wedding dream team.

Each year as the showcase approaches, I get swamped with getting everything organized. From putting together packets for vendors, organizing timelines, taking care of pre-registrations, and just getting all the marketing set so each brides knows the event is taking place. With all of this, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to think about how my booth will look. Thankfully I am lucky to have such an amazing support group around me to bounce ideas off of who helped me narrow it town in time to get everything ordered in.

(Hands down, the best and most beautiful staff ever! Don’t you agree? 🙂

When coming up with a theme and overall look, I couldn’t decide to go either blush and gold like I am seeing a lot of Southern Utah weddings palettes using, or doing something different. I am glad that support group talked me into doing something different and designing for what I would want myself. To just have fun with it. My amazing baby sister mentioned I need to do tribal print, and it just clicked from there. I am lucky to have people around me who can help get the creative juices flowing.

The rugs were the first pieces I found on Urban Outfitters. I love the apartment section of their website and fell in love with the triangle tribal inspired pattern. The pillows and runners came next with fabric I found online. One of my favorite things to do in weddings is sew custom pillows, linen and curtains to create a one of a kind looks. So I knew I wanted to show that unique aspect off at the showcase.

Some of the other big pieces brought in to make the look whole was the large tuft blue leather sofa, wooden benches, wooden chairs, gold and glass end tables, and little industrial items. (Iron fan, sheet metal pots and light strands) A cool twist on the table was using houseplants on the table as anchor pieces around the floral centerpiece. They gave it color, life, and bring a cool twist to the tablescape. It would be fun to see this trend become more popular in weddings.

My favorite piece on the table were the flowers though. The instant pop of color with the red, orange and yellow set to a loose style arrangement with lots of greens was a total home run by Bloomers here in St. George. I loved bringing in these random colors just in the flowers to draw in the eye and make all the other colors and bold patterns in the set up complimentary to these pops of color.

I hope you all enjoyed our booth this year. We sure loved creating it, and even more exciting, it’s in the process of now becoming my guest bedroom set up. So if you are ever in town, you might be able to stay in my tribal print inspired guest room ;).

-happy planning, jewls

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All That Glitters

Get ready for an image overload!

This is up there with one of my favorite shoots. And now that you’ve seen the magazine sneak peak and the video, here are the images from this gorgeous shoot.

The idea behind this shoot was to incorporate things that you see in fashion right now into your wedding. We focused on a few items big right now which were: gold, bold mixed prints, sequins and unexpected elements. Everything came together wonderful and I just love all the images by AK Studio Design.

Photography: AK Studio DesignDesign and Decor: Middle Aisle
Floral: Bloomers
Cake: Sweet Cakes by Karen
Hair and Makeup: Julie Thomas Style
Graphics: Hey Hay Designs
Furniture: Big Day Vintage Rentals
Videography: Forevermore Media

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All That Glitters Movie

I am so excited to share this video! When I watched it, I get goose bumps I loved it so much. The editing, the music! It is serious perfection. Brad with Forevermore Media did such an amazing job I don’t think I can say enough about it, so I’ll let the video say the rest.  What do you think?

Stylized Photoshoot / St. George Utah from ForeverMore on Vimeo.

This is from the Southern Utah Bride magazine shoot.

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