Josh and Becca


Only one word an describe this wedding is GLAMOROUS!

Everything about this party screams romance, class and glamor. I look back at these pictures and can’t help but wish I was there again. The soft colors, the lighting, the details. It was amazing. One of those “Weddings for the books” events.

And I have to say and can’t stress enough to brides, PHOTOGRAPHERS CAN MAKE OR BREAK MEMORIES! These pictures by Nick Adams are flawless. It transports me back. I’ve done some amazing weddings and gotten back terrible pictures that don’t do the party justice. With Nick and Signe, it makes it look even more amazing! If you see amazing photos on the day of a wedding, that is how you know they are amazing photographers.

Also, from this wedding I have a great love for this mother of the bride Susie who I give hugs to every time I see her! I just love her! Luckily enough she was also a nurse in pediatrics when we had to check back in with our baby after she was born. It was comforting to have a friendly face I recognized there.

Enjoy this destination southern utah wedding.



Photographers: Nick Adams Photography
Floral: Bloomers
Venue/Catering: Entrada
Videography: Forevermore Media
Graphics: Alex Obering
Lounge: Refined Vintage Events
Cake: Sweet Cakes by Karen

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