Southern Utah Wedding Showcase: Booth Planning

Every year when it comes time for the showcase I always have a inner dilemma.

Do I:

1- Design a booth that would appeal to what most of my brides are currently doing for their weddings that year?

2- Design a booth that is different. Something I would put in my home?

I’ve decided on #2. 🙂

I went with something I would put in my home. In fact, many of the items in my booth are also the items that will be going in my nursery as soon as the showcase is over as I take a break and get ready for baby girl to make her arrival in March.

So I decided to give a little sneak peak of what my booth will be looking this like year. Black, white and gold with pops of colors in floral. Gold foil prints, industrial items and what would it be without a great piece of lighting.

Make sure to some see us at the showcase. We are back by the stage.


And brides register online for your FREE entry!

See you there!

LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile - white/black - IKEA

NEW Spot On Metallic Gold Pin Dots Blanc / White  by StitchinStash, $8.25

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