Ahoy Mate! Birthday Party Fun.

My little man turned 1! I cant believe it. It seems like yesterday I was as swollen as a whale and anxious for the little man to come. You learn a lot as a new mother in your first year. You learn how valuable others experience is but learn sometimes it is necessary to ignore it your you will go mad. You learn the hard way in the middle of the night when they have a fever of 102 and are crying that it is going to be ok. Just Breathe. You learn bumps and bruises come from learning. And that you wouldn’t change a single hair on their little head!

I love my little monkey so much!

The inspiration for his first birthday party came from our trip to Florida. We took him out onto the beach, and he was sold. Eating handfuls of sand as fast as he could. (It’s a natural exfoliate for his insides? right?) It was just a battle I was never going to win. So we had a beach themed sail boat party. It was so much fun to do a kids birthday party and go as cheese and cute as you wanted. I hope you enjoy it.

Photography by One Memory at a Time.


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