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Sujeet & Adria

I absolutely adore this couple!

They are kind, fun loving, adventurous, generous and so in love with eachother.  I have heard lots of wedding vows, but these made me tear up! You can tell they love each other so much and would be anything for each others. Such sweet and tender moments from the vows to the sparkler first dance. It was a magical wedding to be apart of.

It was also a first for us here at Middle Aisle to experience doing a Hindu ceremony. And let me tell you, they are beautiful!! Thank you Suj and Adria for letting me be apart of your magical day and for helping me along with the learning curve to this beautiful religious ceremony.  It was an experience I will always treasure forever!


BridesmaidsSt. GeorgeChairsCeremontSetupHands3hands2couplefeetCeremony3SujCeremony2Ceremonyadria2Adria




Planner: Middle Aisle
Photographers: Gideon Photography
Floral: Bloomers
Venue/Catering: Entrada
Videography: Nate Pickett Films
Rentals: All Out Tent and Event Rental
DJ: DJZ Productions
Graphics: Bride and Groom
Cake: Sweet Cakes by Karen

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Josh and Becca


Only one word an describe this wedding is GLAMOROUS!

Everything about this party screams romance, class and glamor. I look back at these pictures and can’t help but wish I was there again. The soft colors, the lighting, the details. It was amazing. One of those “Weddings for the books” events.

And I have to say and can’t stress enough to brides, PHOTOGRAPHERS CAN MAKE OR BREAK MEMORIES! These pictures by Nick Adams are flawless. It transports me back. I’ve done some amazing weddings and gotten back terrible pictures that don’t do the party justice. With Nick and Signe, it makes it look even more amazing! If you see amazing photos on the day of a wedding, that is how you know they are amazing photographers.

Also, from this wedding I have a great love for this mother of the bride Susie who I give hugs to every time I see her! I just love her! Luckily enough she was also a nurse in pediatrics when we had to check back in with our baby after she was born. It was comforting to have a friendly face I recognized there.

Enjoy this destination southern utah wedding.



Photographers: Nick Adams Photography
Floral: Bloomers
Venue/Catering: Entrada
Videography: Forevermore Media
Graphics: Alex Obering
Lounge: Refined Vintage Events
Cake: Sweet Cakes by Karen

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Robbie & Sarah


Meet my favorite power couple Sarah and Robbie. Seriously, this couple is pretty amazing. (I obviously love a good entrepreneur) and this couple is just that. Sarah is an amazing fashion blogger at Sassy Red Lipstick and Robbie does a little bit of everything! He has a new project The Social Cookie on Kickstarter and is the social media manager for Fight the New Drug. I love watching what they are up to next!

Sarah is a glam gal. Sparkle, glitter glitz. And SOOO gorgeous. Right? The hair, makeup, style. Perfection!

This wedding was all outdoors in Las Vegas. It couldn’t have been more timed right for their wedding. No wind until their-* send off and BAM! Hurricane winds. It was crazy for the staff to clean it all up. Taking down a 1000sq tent in absurd gusts of wind was scary to watch, but I was grateful it held off until their wedding was done at least.

Enjoy this Destination Las Vegas wedding.


Photography: Jessica Janae Photography
Videography: Zach Fackrell
Caterer: Marvellous Catering
Floral design: Joanne Wolsey Spelts
Graphics: Groom
Ceremony location: Las Vegas Temple

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Chelsea and Clint


Can I start by saying, I love this couple?

Talented? Check! Great Personalities? Check! Darling? Check! Awesome families? Check!

It all started 2 years ago when me and my hubby were on a cruise to Tahiti with our parents. My hubbys mom was wearing a local high school t-shirt one day and a couple on the cruise recognized the high school and can came over to introduce themselves. The couple that came over were Chelseas parents who also lived in southern Utah. Not to mention we knew all of each others families, yet had to met across the world in Tahiti!

Chelsea and Clint live in New York City so they were planning their wedding from afar, so I got to work with the brides mother Tiffany often since she lived in town. And can I just say I LOVE this mother of the bride! I actually have gone through a little bit of a withdrawal not getting to talk to her as often. She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and I would learn so much just from talking with her. Seriously, I love this family!  And miss them all!

They incorporated such sun elements into their wedding. Chelsea is a BEAUTIFUL singer and teaches voice lessons in New York. Being so talented must also mean you attract talented friends with amazing voices too because they all sang songs with the band and created such a fun and personal element. Each one of their centerpieces had a small figurine of New York. From the empire state building, the sears tower, taxi’s to king kong. My favorite part of the night was the dancing. The Mimi Knowles band kept the crowd going all night. There was so much electricity and excitement in the air, it was so much fun to be apart of. You know those parties were you don’t want it to end? YUP! This was it!

Enjoy this Destination Southern Utah wedding.


Photographer: Gideon Photography
Florist: Bloomers
Venue & Catering: The Ledges
Graphics: Alex Obering Design
Band: The Mimi Knowles Band
Cake: Cakes by Amy
Videographer: Forevermore Media
Photobooth: My Vintage Photobooth
Sugar Cookies: The Sugar Cookie
Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Julie
Rentals: Rent Me Tables and Chairs


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Southern Utah Wedding Showcase: Booth Planning

Every year when it comes time for the showcase I always have a inner dilemma.

Do I:

1- Design a booth that would appeal to what most of my brides are currently doing for their weddings that year?

2- Design a booth that is different. Something I would put in my home?

I’ve decided on #2. 🙂

I went with something I would put in my home. In fact, many of the items in my booth are also the items that will be going in my nursery as soon as the showcase is over as I take a break and get ready for baby girl to make her arrival in March.

So I decided to give a little sneak peak of what my booth will be looking this like year. Black, white and gold with pops of colors in floral. Gold foil prints, industrial items and what would it be without a great piece of lighting.

Make sure to some see us at the showcase. We are back by the stage.


And brides register online for your FREE entry!

See you there!

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